What kind of arrangements do I need to make?

Let's start with some rules:

1. Homo Climbtastic is a queer and queer-friendly climbing group.  We plan rock climbing trips together and encourage queer socializing.  This is primarily a climbing trip.  This means that most people will climb every day.  Of course, you are a free, autonomous individual and you can do whatever you want, as long as you don't create a negative atmosphere for others. 

WE ARE NOT IN CHARGE OF YOUR SAFETY. We say things like "check your knot," "wear your goddamn helmet," and "always carry a headlamp" because taking you to the E.R. ruins our fun, not because we are guides. We are not guides. The top ropes you might choose to climb on are, ultimately, rigged by friendly strangers. Your belayers may also be strangers (unless you bring a dedicated one).  Some good ideas:

  • Ask potential belayers how much experience they have belaying. Go over belay safety before climbing.
  • Rig top ropes with locking carabiners. Once a route gets set up on top rope, it tends to stay that way for the rest of the day.
  • Always wear a helmet. Maybe your sport crag at home doesn't have rock fall.  This one does.
  • Observe belayers and speak up if you see something questionable.  Just because someone is on the trip doesn't mean they know how to belay.  
  • Don't let your desire to prove to that cute bottom how hot and awesome you are and cause you to do something stupid. You can't top if you're dead.
  • Get yourself to the car before nightfall. We can't possibly usher everyone off the crag. We're all spread out, so it's the responsibility of you and your group to get back to your car.  Don't leave anyone behind!  If they came with you, make sure they leave with you (or have other definitive arrangements!)
  • Let a LOT of people in the group know where you're going when you switch crags. Common scenario: you tell Jenny that you're going to the crag with all the 12's and 13's. Jenny then decides, "why am I hanging out with all these scrubs when I could be at Nightmare crag" and then she leaves and then nobody knows where you went and half of you are in different carpools. Bad scenario, unhappy climbers.  
  • Above all, make sure the person who drove you to the crag knows where you are, so they can drive you back. Clarify ahead of time who you're riding back with, but when in doubt, assume it's the same person who drove you in.
  • Lastly, for the sake of gear: IF YOU BROUGHT IT IN, YOU BRING IT OUT. Don't carry in someone else's rope, draws, whatever, and leave them at the crag. You are responsible for those items' return to the car.

3. There are four "official" climbing days: Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun.  Most people are arriving on Wednesday and departing on Monday. 

4. Be respectful and nice!  We have done our best -- free of charge, out of the goodness of our hearts, for the love of queer climbers -- to make this trip fun for you.  Not everything will be completely smooth.  We have 50+ queers, with needs and desires and curious idiosyncrasies.  Please be patient with each other.  Please communicate openly.  Please stick to your word.  If you say you're going to meet for dinner at Pies and Pints at 9 PM, be there.  If you say you're going to climb at the Kaymoor, go there.  Other people will make plans based on your word.

5.  Exchange cell phone numbers with each other. We will be providing contact information to REGISTERED trip goers only. Make sure you have the contact info for people in your car.  Your phones won't work at every wall, but they do work at some.  The HC Trip Leaders will also help coordinate folks -- these people are: Alex Rowland, Alex Chavez, Rio Paolo, Jon Mortison, Kelly Gray, and Christy Stanley.  Friend them on FB and save their contact info.  Questions can be directed to them.

6. Tipping at restaurants:

At group dinners, multiply the price of your drinks and meal by 1.27 and put down AT LEAST that amount and write it on the receipt next to your name, even if you put in cash. Otherwise you will put the trip leader in calculator hell. The servers are slinging beer to a huge group of obnoxious queens, and they deserve at least 20%, not 13% because you forgot sales tax.

7. Don't make us look bad:

Leave your cabin or campsite clean, or WE WILL GO JOAN CRAWFORD ON YOU. If you spill your drink, clean it up. Waiting for the trip lead to clean it up after you is not going to get you favors. When we try to book these places for next year, it's nice if they think of us as a polite group, not those homos who vomited on the lamp and left a blow-up doll covered in poo in the bathtub. 

8. Gas Money:  Give the person who is driving you to the crags gas money.  If they picked you up and drove you around for four days, you owe them money.  Ask your driver how much, and bring enough cash to pay them each day.  Budget at least $3-5 a day for gas.

Who do I contact if I have "an issue"?

Dictator Jon - jon@homoclimbtastic.com